Is moving to Bangalore to prepare for UPSC a good move?

Well, you must have heard of die-hard aspirants moving to certain places like Delhi or Mumbai, simply to acquire the best of the coaching that they otherwise wouldn’t find in their hometown or any other city.

Bangalore has already made its mark when it comes to premium institutes preparing candidates for the UPSC exam which is the most revered and highly competitive exam to help one become a highly reputed Government officer or a famous bureaucrat. 

And yes, to answer your question, yes, it would certainly be a wise decision to move to Bangalore if you know and have joined a brilliant and most supportive coaching institute that is quite popular among the masses.

Well, truth be told, you need a proper guiding force behind you to help you clear your IAS exams. Self-study is a good option but needs to be supplemented with the right guidance from the right tutors.

Even if you are a self-taught genius, who’s IQ level is extremely high, still you would need assistance from the right mentors who are experienced in this sector. Clearing the IAS is no joke. Many students keep attempting the exams till they finally succeed. This might take a few years for them as well.

Thus with the right mentors, you can get the right wings to fly and clear your IAs exams without much of a hassle.

Now, before moving to Bangalore, you must prepare yourself mentally for the hard work and dedication that you might have to put in.

Also, be prepared with the coaching you want to join, as that would help make your life easier in a new city.

With the right coaching classes, you would certainly get an added advantage over your competition and know many things and nuances of the exam that you would have never thought of while preparing alone.

Considering the competition not only amongst the students for the IAS exams but also the coaching classes, these days it has become quite difficult to zero in on one particular class and make your decision.

But rather than getting confused, get your mind clear and make a checklist that you might want to have in your classes or the kind of mentors you want.

Here is a list of various factors that you might want to consider before joining or choosing the right coaching for IAS:

  • The Faculty is the first and foremost one that you might want to look up before anything else. They need to be extremely talented and well experienced themselves to help you with all that you need or help you clear all your doubts and problems.
  • The study material they offer also needs to be complete in itself and comprehensive enough so that you don’t need to go searching for other material online or anywhere else, thus wasting your precious precious time on the search process.
  • The reputation of the coaching classes is also of utmost importance and will surely help you make your decision faster.
  • Recommendations and feedback from their previous students is something that you should also look out for. This would help you tremendously to join the perfect classes.
  • The best classes for IAS coaching would also help you with regular test series on the various topics and help you gain much confidence in yourself.
  • They would also help you with mock interview preparations and groom you for your personality tests.

Well, there are several other factors as well. But these are certainly the most important ones that would help you choose the right IAS coaching institute for yourself.

Is it really necessary to move to Bangalore to prepare for your UPSC exams?

Truth be told, many will tell you to stay where you are and take up the online modes of learning. These days, you surely have many YouTube videos for free, or even subject-wise training online. 

But sometimes, physically attending the classes also does wonders to help take your preparations to just another level.

Bangalore certainly is a hub of the best IAS coaching institutes and you would find the best one of your choice here to help you beat the extremely tough competition without wasting your time and get impeccable guidance from the experts themselves. 

Thus, if you are moving to Bangalore, you would not be disappointed as you would have the right study environment to support your studies and keep you motivated all through your preparations.

What you should bear in mind before moving to Bangalore for your IAS coaching?

It is really important to make a checklist before moving to Bangalore for your UPSC preparations.

You will certainly find a lot of like-minded students and aspirations in the city to help you with all the stuff that you might need.

It is highly recommended that you get in touch with them and collect as much information as needed.

Next is to find yourself a good place to stay. Better make the right choice here as well, as you do not want to disturb yourself while preparing for your UPSC exams. You surely do not want to go wrong here as you would like a peaceful locality to help you with your concentration.

Having said that, you also need to take care of your food and other health-related things.

And last but not least, you need to join the IAS coaching institute to help you prepare in the right direction.


It would certainly be a wise decision to move to Bangalore for your UPSC exam preparations considering all the above-mentioned points.

Also, the Pragnya IAS Academy is definitely the best option for you to support in your preparations for the IAS, as it has all the factors that you need in the best IAS coaching institute in Bangalore, right from the best mentors to conducting regular tests and mock interviews, to even giving personal attention to their students so that they don’t lag and beat their competition with much ease and more confidence.