Success Story Of IAS Topper Saumya Sharma

Success Story Of IAS Topper Saumya Sharma:

If there’s a will, there’s a way…!!

Today we will tell you the story of Saumya Sharma, who cleared the UPSC exam in the first attempt with self study and good strategy.

For a long time, UPSC was her goal. She gradually worked hard and achieved success.

Soumya was only 16 years old when she lost her hearing. Despite all the efforts, she could not recover completely lived her life with the help of hearing aid.

She also got very high fever during the UPSC Mains examination, but she did not lose courage and fulfilled his dream by getting success in the examination.

Soumya is a resident of Delhi and she has obtained LLB degree. She started preparing for UPSC immediately after LLB.

Soumya reviewed UPSC syllabus and accordingly, prepared the study material.

She started self-study with full hard work. This also became the basic mantra of her success.

Advice to other candidates

  • Review Syllabus
  • Read each topic deeply
  • Make notes
  • Revision
  • Answer writing practice