Swati secured All India Rank 260 in UPSC exam held in 2007. She was the youngest IAS of that batch.

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam is a dream for many but only a few are able to achieve it. Barely 0.2% of candidates are finally selected out of lakhs who apply for the civil service examination. Today we will tell you about IAS Swati Meena, who cleared UPSC when she was just 22 years old. She was the youngest IAS officer of her batch. Swati was born in Rajasthan and got educated in Ajmer. 

Mother wanted her to be a doctor

Her mother always wanted her to become a doctor. In an interview with Bansal News, Swati said that she also has no problem in becoming a doctor. But when she was in eighth class, her mother’s cousin became an officer. When Swati’s father met her, he became happy. 

Swati decided to become an IAS officer

After seeing his happy face, Swati asked her father about UPSC and decided to become an officer. When Swati decided to become a civil servant, her father supported her decision. Already, there were officers in her family. While her mother was running a petrol pump, her father kept on helping Swati continuously. Her father took many interviews so that she can prepare better.

Hard work paid off

After working hard, Swati secured All India Rank 260 in UPSC exam held in 2007. She was the youngest IAS of that batch. After this, she got the Madhya Pradesh cadre.

Fearless officer

IAS Swati Meena is known as a fearless and authoritative officer. When Swati was posted in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh, there was a lot of mining mafia. Meena started a campaign against these mining mafias, when she came there. According to her, she received so many complaints from different departments against the mining mafia, when she reached there as a collector. On the basis of all these complaints, she took action.

Challenging tenure in Khandwa

Swati’s tenure in Khandwa was also very challenging. The miscreants tried to create a fuss when the bodies of the slain SIMI terrorists reached her area. But Swati Meena along with the administration had easily overcome this challenging task.