UPSC (IAS) 2022: Focus On Mental Health To Become UPSC Topper! IAS Anupama Anjali’s Success Strategy

UPSC Success Story of Anupama Anjali provides the Civil Services aspirants with the most necessary guidance of avoiding negative attitudes in life. Check how Anupama became an IAS following her master plan below. 

UPSC Civil Services is an exam of patience! It checks all its aspirants on every level every year. While a few pass this exam, millions fail every year only to face new competition in the coming year. Losing patience and engrossing with negativity is not new for aspirants. But as much as the aspirants take care of themselves physically, they must also do it mentally. IAS Anupama Anjali is someone who guides aspirants of UPSC Civil Services to take care of their mental health more than anything else to crack the Civil Services exam. 

IAS Anupama Anjali: UPSC Success Story

IAS Anupama Anjali’s father was an IPS Officer posted in Bhopal. She is a Delhiite by birth. Currently the Joint Collector-Housing of Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh, Anupama Anjali has had a wonderful UPSC CSE journey. 

Anupama was a mechanical engineering graduate and has clarified the exam in her second attempt. Her UPSC strategy was brilliant as she succeeded in her second attempt itself. 

Anupama focussed not just on her physical fitness but also on her mental health. She said in an interview that when she came to Delhi, she wanted to focus completely on her Civil Services exam. But she made sure she took her breaks from the studies. She made sure to go out at least once every week. 

“These breaks will reenergize and motivate you to restart your preparations,” she says. 

She says that this exercise can help the candidates remain calm and keep on their spirits high to attempt the exam well prepared. Many aspirants indulge in negative attitudes just after they fail Prelims and quit their preparation. This is totally unsupported by her. 

Anupama also focussed only on one book per subject. She says that the exam is not just about reading many books, it’s just about reading one fully and understanding the syllabus to be well prepared. 

Also, she focussed on writing essays at least once every week. Answer writing is something that she relied her preparation on entirely. She says, “The UPSC’s questions are more general. As a result, you must use each question as a chance to show the examiner that you have done your homework. “

She also said that one must focus on presentation skills they have because knowledge can only be dispersed with good presentation. However, her highest amount of focus was on avoiding negative people in her life. She really struggled with that and advises the aspirants to do the same. Only a healthy mind can win battles. 

Anupama Anjali succeeded in qualifying Civil Services Exam of 2017. She secured an All India Rank of 386 and became the sub-collector and SDM of Rajamahendravaram in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.