Meet IAS officer Neha Bhosle, who quit her successful corporate job and secured AIR 15 in UPSC exam

Success story of IAS Neha Bhosle: Neha did her engineering, then MBA and worked full-time in the corporate field before becoming an IAS officer.

Some people always want to do things differently in their careers. Even after having good jobs, they try to achieve something bigger or unique in their professional lives. Neha Bhosle, who secured All-India Rank 15 in UPSC 2019, is one of them. After working in the corporate field for a few years, Neha made her mind to prepare for UPSC. Initially, she started preparing for UPSC, along with her full-time job. However, she clearly failed in her first attempt due to a lack of preparation. She then decided to quit her job and focus on UPSC. And finally, in the year 2019, she cleared the exam and fulfilled her dream of joining the IAS cadre.

Has an engineering degree

Neha Bhosle, who is from Maharashtra, did her engineering at Mumbai University. After completing the course, she wanted to achieve something unique. Therefore, she cleared IIM entrance and booked a seat for admission in MBA.

Also an MBA

After pursuing MBA, she got placed for a decent job. She gave 3 years to that job. However, she was still not satisfied. And therefore, she started preparing for the UPSC exam.

Neha’s UPSC journey

When she appeared for the first time UPSC exams, she was in a full-time job. Because of her job commitments, she was not able to prepare well and failed. Then, she decided to quit her job in 2017 and concentrate on her studies. She worked and tried really hard for about 2 years. 

Finally tasted success

In the year 2019, she finally cleared UPSC and secured All-India rank 15. She fulfilled her dream and became an IAS officer.

Neha’s advice for UPSC aspirants

Neha says, “If you passionately dedicate a few years to prepare for UPSC, then you can definitely succeed.” One needs to adopt the right strategy and ace time management. If you prepare well at the right time and in the right direction, then you will succeed, she adds.

(All photos from Neha Bhosle/Instagram)