Jagrati Awasthi, 2nd Rank Holder of UPSC 2020 Talks About Her Success Mantra

Jagrati Awasthi, Female Topper of the year and the Second Rank Holder of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 2020 is a woman with big dreams. She left a well-paid and secured government job just to pursue her dreams. Her hard work & strong determination towards her goals helped her in successfully securing a top rank in UPSC – India’s most difficult exam.  

In an exclusive interview with Krishi Jagran, the Editor-in-Chief MC Dominic asked Jagrati Awasthi about her strategies, routine and future goals.

Jagrati, who lost her first attempt to UPSC, has analyzed where she went wrong & how to improve. Her determination to do better and to achieve her dreams kept her moving towards her goals & leads her in securing Second Rank in the most difficult examination.

Jagrati Awasthi’s Journey

In her interview with Krishi Jagran, she said “When I was in 9th, 10th standard I had an attraction towards IAS Job. However, I was not much aware of IAS Officer’s Duties, but when I started working at Bhopal Heavy Electricals Limited, that time, through my colleagues I got to know about how big & powerful IAS examination is. And, that was the time I have decided to become an IAS Officer”

She says “As I was from a middle-class family, I had decided to do engineering to make a strong base, then gradually I explored about the Civil Service Post and in January 2019, I decided to do Civil Services along with my Job. I failed in my first attempt in June 2019. I & My family were very shocked, though it didn’t de-motivate me, I convinced my parents for the second attempt. I had decided that if I fail, I will continue my studies & join M-tech”.

She said that she always got big support from her family, she learnt how to focus & meditate from school and whenever she feels low, and her friends always encourage her, which kept her moving towards her goals to become an IAS Officer.

She further told “Whenever you are convinced, that this is your dream, just do this. Do self study and take help from the internet as it is the best way to prepare for UPSC exam.

Jagrati Awasthi Age & Hobbies 

Besides studying, the 24-year-old Jagrati likes listening to the music of her native place i.e. Bundelkhand. Jagrati also likes cooking healthy recipes.

Jagrati Awasthi’s Strategies to Crack UPSC Exam

When asked her about her strategies & routines, she replied that consistency is the key. Initially I used to study 8 to 10 hours a day but before exam exams I was spending 10 to 12 hours a day and during examination time I used to study 12 to 14 hours a day. I never went to any coaching centre but I always watch Sleepy Classes Series – from YouTube.

Giving advice to other UPSC aspirants she said “First of all you need to understand the syllabus, always look at the previous year’s question paper, and try to understand, which types of question have repeatedly asked by UPSC, Once you understand this tip you will be easily get to know the path to achieve your goal”.

Tips to Keep Mental Well Being

According to Jagrati Awasthi, “You should always surround yourself with positive people, those who motivate you & encourage you to do better”.  

Jagrati’s Vision

At last she said “I want to work for the villages of India; I want our rural landscapes to be vibrant, small scale industries, self sustaining houses so that people do not have to migrate. There should be good education & health, digital connectivity. I want our villages to become the Engine of Economic Development