Top 5 Tips to Crack UPSC in First Attempt By Yash Jaluka (UPSC AIR 4)

It’s a dream of lakhs of Indians to crack the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Exam, which is one of the most difficult exams in India. It requires a dedicated soul and proper strategy in order to succeed in this examination.

This exam has three stages; first stage is the prelims which is objective type, the second stage is Mains which is written examination and the third stage is the interview which is a verbal evaluation stage. Every candidate wants to clear this examination in their first attempt itself and it is indeed possible.

Yash Jaluka, from Jharkhand proved that if you truly desire something, you will always find a way. He not only cracked the exam in the first exam but also secured AIR 4 in UPSC CSE 2020. In an exclusive interview with Krishi Jagran, he shared a few tips & tricks that helped him achieve his dream. So, Read On!

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How to crack UPSC exam

Below we have mentioned few tips to clear UPSC exam;

Tip 1 How to Gain Clarity on Your Goals: Many youngsters face confusion while choosing their career. Let us tell you, this completely normal. You just need to explore different fields, read books on UPSC examination and toppers; it will help you understand what it takes to crack the exam. Yash says “the only most important thing to keep in mind while choosing your career is to not get attracted by the glamour of a particular profession, you have to choose a career that you can pursue for the next 30-35 years, so make informed choices”.

Tip 2 Manage your Time Efficiently: Yash says the most important aspect of the UPSC Preparation strategy is Time management. If you can manage your time effectively, this battle is half won. He says that the aspirants should give themselves time and work on themselves. Set achievable, long term targets. Don’t build unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Tip 3 Study tips: Yash says UPSC is no doubt a difficult exam and so he gave 1 complete year for its preparation. The syllabus to be covered is mammoth and it requires time to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the topics involved. He didn’t take any coaching and used Internet and books locally available for his preparation.

In the today’s era, one can make use of various great resources, such as mobile apps and websites. Coaching Centres do have a study plan that they enforce on you, but it cannot guarantee success and they charge an astronomical fee, which many aspirants cannot afford. It is important to first understand where you stand and how much you need to improve. Once you know your study objectives, you can decide between self-study or joining a coaching institute.

Tip 4 How to Stay Motivated: UPSC is very unpredictable examination. Don’t doubt your caliber when you feel de-motivated. Just keep working on yourself and focus on up skilling. Evaluate your performance and work on the areas that you think you are not good at.

Tip 5 Be Confident: A little bit fear & nervousness is common among the IAS Aspirants, but one must not get carried away. Have faith & believe in yourself. Yash advises the candidates who suffer from anxiety attacks to talk to someone they trust (they may be anyone from a friend to a family member or your better half). This person will be your biggest support system.

Note – The article is made on the basis of an interview held with Yash Jaluka.