UPSC 9th rank holder Dr Apala breaks records in interview round

Dr. Apala, who secured 9th rank in UPSC, did wonders again, breaking all the records in the interview round.

Dr. Apala Mishra, a resident of Ghaziabad, has become the household name in the last few days. After securing 9th rank in the UPSC exam, once again proved that on the strength of self-confidence, you can win the whole world if you want.

UPSC exam mark list was released on Tuesday night. Dr. Apala has made the record of securing the highest number of marks in the interview round so far. Actually, UPSC has the highest record of securing 212 marks in the interview round which was made last year. But, Dr. Apala broke this record and scored 215 marks in the interview round, and made a new record.


UPSC interview details of Dr. Apala Mishra

Dr Apala said that in the interview round of 40 minutes, I answer almost all the questions in a variety of questions asked. Although I was a little nervous before the interview round started, but used my self-confidence as a winning tool and gave the interview.

Apala further said that the interview round is important because it checks your personality skills as well as presentation.

Tips from Apala

Do the numbering wisely

Do not panic have faith in what you have prepared

Apala said that since his father was in the army, she had to prepare for it with much zeal. For many hours, she used to take information about the army from her father and understood things related to it.

Apart from this, she also got help in learning literature from her mother Alpana Mishra, who is a Hindi story writer as well as a professor of Hindi in DU.

Apala’s inspiration

Alpana Mishra said that one year ago she had put up a poster named “I will be under 50″ in Apala’s room.

She kept this poster day and night in front of her eyes to stay determined about her goal.

Apart from this, Apala’s father Amitabh Mishra, who is a colonel in the army, tells that after studying for 8 to 10 hours, he used to play table tennis with Apala for about 30 to 40 minutes every day, so that the pressure of studies can be reduced.

Dr. Apala Mishra has secured the ninth position in the UPSC examination. Her success is special because she has cracked the UPSC exam in her third attempt. However, her first attempt was unsuccessful.

She wants to serve the country by making a better policy abroad. In the initial phase of her career, she studied BDS, but later she got an idea to prepare for civil services to serve the country at the global level.

Apala’s father Amitabh Mishra is a Colonel in the Army and elder brother Arik is a Major. Mother Alpana Mishra is a Professor in the Faculty of Hindi at Delhi University. Dr. Apala Mishra studied up to Class 10 from Dehradun and Classes 11 and 12 from Delhi.